Inside the Creation of Folklore & the Collapse of Game Republic | Gaming Retrospective


After its launch in November of 2006, one of the biggest criticisms--its price aside--of Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 3, was its lack of games. Because of its unique architecture, developers had trouble making games for it. This led to the console launching with less than 20 games during its launch window. While there were good games among them, there were just as many that weren’t, and none of the games did anything to justify the console’s large price tag to most. However, despite the game drought during year one, there were still promising titles in development. One of those was a dark fantasy game originally revealed at Sony’s--now infamous--2006 E3 press conference. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most interesting games to be released on the PlayStation 3, Folklore.



00:00 Introduction 

00:38 Yoshiki Okamoto Joins the Game Industry

02:40 Yoshiki Okamoto Leaves Capcom 

04:20 Founding Game Republic 

08:55 Ramping up development 

12:14 Genji: Dawn of the Samurai is Released 

13:33 The Origins of the Monster Kingdom Project 

14:44 What is, "Dark Fantasy" & Art Direction 

16:00 Presenting the Story 

16:50 Creating Ellen & Keats 

18:31 Refining the Gameplay 

22:02 Genji 2 

22:36 Monster Kingdom is Revealed 

23:40 Learning From Genji: Days of the Blade's Mistakes 

24:48 Working with the SIXAXIS 

27:16 Finalizing the Details 

27:52 Folklore is Released 

28:48 A Potential Sequel 

29:45 Game Republic Closes 

30:08 What Happened to Game Republic? 

33:22 The Future Folklore